• TEMSCO Helicopters is one of the largest Multi-Purpose Helicopter Operators in the United States.
  • TEMSCO Helicopters is in continous business for over 50 years.
  • TEMSCO Helicopters own fleet exceeds 55 helicopters, which is made up of Bell, Eurocopter, now Airbus and McDonald Dougles helicopters.
  • TEMSCO Helicopters' services include precision long-line/external load operations, logging support, air support for mineral exploration - drill moves, fire control/support - helitack, forestry, animal survey/tagging, government contracting, powerline construction and support, concrete pouring and pole-setting, crew transport, aerial survey, photography, expedition drop offs and support, search and rescue/medical transport, and more.
  • TEMSCO Helicopters has been the company of choice for those in need of quality helicopter services.
  • TEMSCO Helicopters operates year round from bases in Alaska (Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, Skagway) and Fort Worth Texas
  • TEMSCO Helicopters special services and contract operations have been involved in virtually every job that helicopters were meant to do (statewide in Alaska and the Lower 48.)
  • TEMSCO Helicopters OAS/USFS Approved Pilots and Mechanics available for Government Contracts
  • UH-1H Global Eagle

  • FAA Certified
  • Certified, Proven & very cost effective.
  • Extended Range, Extended Endurance
  • Glass cockpit & Thermal camera Options
  • Seats up to 14 + 2 Pilots.
  • The UH-1H Global Eagle Upgrade kits are now available for Export.
  • TEMSCO-TECH offers Integraded UH-1H upgrades or complete modernization programs

  • TEMSCO-TECH is the Engineering branch of TEMSCO Helicopters.
  • TEMSCO-TECH provides Engineering Services, Consulting, Modifications, Parts Design, Parts Fabrication, Testing, Flight Testing and undertakes the required Certification procedures.
  • TEMSCO-TECH is based in Fort Worth Texas.
  • TEMSCO-TECH specializes in UH-1H and 205 upgrades
  • TEMSCO-TECH's main product is the UH-1H Global Eagle. Probably the best UH-1H upgrade kit in the world.
  • TEMSCO-TECH is the exclusive owner of the FAA Certification of the PW PT6C-67D engine upgrade for UH-1H

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